Residential MLS® sales for May show signs of progress

Residential MLS® sales for May show signs of progress

MLS® sales in May grew again over the previous month and made gains on the 5-year average. Meanwhile, active listings grew over last month, substantially over last year and inched up slightly over the 5-year average.

“While MLS® sales were still below the record May results of 2021 and 2022, residential resale performance for May 2023 showed signs of progress,” said Rena Prefontaine, 2023-2024 President of the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board. “This is the first month of 2023 that MLS® sales have risen to a single digit percentage range below the 5-year average. MLS® sales performed at a respectable level.”

MLS® sales in May were 160% higher than January, 130% higher than February, 49% higher than March and 37% higher than April. Active MLS® listings in April were 45% higher than January, 34% higher than February, 21% higher than March and 14% higher than April.

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